Our Product Details

CAPTAC - Hat Clips

Our hat clips are a one of a kind PATENTED design made from a single piece of Kydex® for ultra durability and strength, formed to fit on the brim of your hat. These made to order decorative clips are virtually indestructible and engineered to last a lifetime. This unique design audibly snaps into place leaving no wiggle room and will only come off if you want it to; no amount of shaking or flinging will make these clips come off the hat. The heptagonal shape is attractive and follows the natural curvature of the brim bend making them sleek and low profile. They fit most any baseball cap, trucker hat, visors and the like, without causing any damage to the brim due to its exclusive texture. The natural resilience of Kydex® makes it perfect for a spring like clip to last a lifetime.

M-TRAX - MOLLE Inserts

M-TRAX is a revolutionary way to attach high definition imagery and graphics to MOLLE/PALS webbing. Using a flexible, durable and proprietary thermoplastic, the infused imagery is scratch and solvent resistant, yet pliable enough to bend and flex with the nylon webbing without coming loose, providing ultra-durability and reliability. The M-TRAX material is slim fitting and sits flush with MOLLE/PALS webbing, providing the best in concealability and comfort. The simple attachment method allows users to attach important gear through and around M-TRAX without impeding usability. M-TRAX come in three sizes; two (MT2), three (MT3), and four (MT4) column size widths that easily pop into position by pushing the lower and upper flaps between and under the MOLLE/PALS webbing. A truly matte finish creates a non-reflective surface that is perfect for military and law enforcement field use. Utilizing the latest in technology, M-TRAX are a patent pending design and are built for the harshest environments. Next Gen Identification continues with CAPTAC...


Utilitarian gear clips manufactured from a single piece of Kydex for ultra-durability and strength, imaged with infused graphics, and formed to securely attach to MOLLE/PALS webbing for the purpose of identifying/designating blood type, rank, morale allergies, and more. Utilizing only a single column of MOLLE/PALS webbing, M-BLOX provide more room for essential gear space over conventional patches. The innovative sleek design allows these clips to audibly snap into place and will not come loose with any amount of shaking, jumping, hitting, etc. M-BLOX will only come off when you want them to; making them the perfect attachment for tactical/sporting gear. Patent Pending

CUFFZ (Tactical Designer Bracelets)

CUFFZ are an unparalleled tactical designer bracelet constructed from the toughest materials in the industry to last a lifetime. These impressive bracelets are made with a thick aluminum outer-band, imaged with high-quality graphics, and offer a flex-fit for most wrist sizes. CUFFZ are lined with a Biothane strap for comfort and durability, and held together with stainless steel fasteners. Our proprietary scratch resistant coating will preserve the outer image from the elements and hard use. Because the inner lining is made with Biothane technology, there is no worry of mildew or bacteria growth; simply wipe away the sweat and it's ready to keep going. A bracelet truly created for the abuse of the battlefield. A CAPTAC Original Product. 

STIX, coming soon....

Imaging Clarity/Durability

We are the only company in the World that can provide razor sharp images with the greatest of detail into the smallest of Kydex® surface area, while maintaining the most vividness of color. Freedom in Expression is our motto, and we want your choice of design to last. Our images are infused into the surface of the Kydex® providing permanence to the image. If the Kydex® can handle it, so can the image. We guarantee it!

Made in the USA

Every product we make is designed, manufactured and made in the USA, as well as every tool and part in the manufacturing process. Each product is hand made and goes through a grueling process of refinement and inspection before it is ready for sale, so you know that you are receiving the best product(s) every time you order. 


CAPTAC products have a lifetime unlimited warranty. If you have any problems just send it back and we will repair it or replace it at no cost.

Custom Work

Need a custom image designed or have your own design that you want to put on our products? Go to our Custom Orders page and start customizing our products your way.